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The end of the REBOOT club night @ Level 3, Swindon

May 7, 2015


Evening all!! Just to let you know in case you’re not already aware yet, I’m winding down my REBOOT club nights at Level 3. It’s been an absolute blast doing them since they launched in August 2010, especially when they were resurrected with the surprise return of Level 3 exactly a year ago. One of the things I was always saddened about when The Furnace went bust 2 years ago was that I never really had the chance to do with REBOOT what I always really wanted to, which was:

  1. have more regular “themed” nights to keep things fresh.
  2. have the ability to project music videos just like Level 3 had back in its heyday in the 90s.

In the last year, I’ve been blessed with a second chance to address these and had the opportunity to run quite a variety of REBOOT specials that have had varying levels of success – dedicated Rock/Metal nights, retro nights (a couple going back to the 50s/60/70s as well as 80s and 90s nights), even a Pop-only night (less said about that, the better tho.. 😉 )


I’d like to thank the people who came and supported them and made them what they were. On the REBOOT website, you can see every setlist that’s ever been played since the night started in August 2010 at The Furnace (apart from the last 3 nights that are still to be added) – a legacy of work that I’m proud of (and all credit to the DJs who I worked with week-in, week-out up to the close of the club in March 2013 who are directly responsible for a good chunk of those setlists too). It’s a body of work that serves as proof that, despite what many detractors say, at REBOOT we played a good variety of tunes, we tried hard to never get stale, and we were always happy to play whatever anyone asked for without any snobbery or bias (apologies to anyone who felt the need to get unpleasant on a specifically themed night where we couldn’t play what they were specifically asking for). Special thanks to the following folk who contributed to the first era of REBOOT –> Nicky Fitzgerald, Marky Thatcher, Kimbo Jones, Simon Doust, Tom Brown, Mark Carter, Chris Middleton, Rich Craven, Ben Fardon, Dan Ball, Marc Bishop.


The remaining 3 REBOOT nights at Level 3 this month will be on the Saturdays of the 9th, the 16th and 23rd May (after a live show by Kova Me Badd). They will all be themeless “anything goes” nights so I hope people can make it down to one or two of them. To clarify the musical policy again, I’m happy to play absolutely anything anyone wants, whether it’s the most ear-shredding Death Metal imaginable, or the latest chart-topping tunes. Just come up and ask. 🙂 reboot_indie_newwaveThere’ll also be an additional final (for now at least) night on Saturday 4th July – an Indie / New Wave special that will be on after the live show from Joy Division tribute, Transmission. A night that will feature plenty of popular old tunes from the likes of Joy Division, The Cure, The Breeders, Blur, Pulp, Pixies, etc. but also will hopefully have some more up-to-date stuff too… After that, maybe occasional one-off’s? Who knows? I’ve had more comebacks at Level 3 than The Rolling Stones have so, never say never… Cheers all Mr Dust x


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